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Include a Gift Card in Your College Care Package

Whether freshmen or seniors, college students love receiving care packages from home. If you know a young person who is attending college this fall, he or she may be concerned about finances, schoolwork and being away from home. Sweets and treats are one way to bring a smile to a college student's face. You can also show a young person you care by sending a VISA® gift card from PeoplesBank. Students can use the gift card for all their college needs, from textbooks and pizza to parking fees and college apparel. 

A Gift That Matters

A VISA® gift card is a prepaid card that allows you to load a specific dollar amount on the card. This may be $25, $100 or $500. You decide how much money will be placed on the card. A major perk of this gift is that the recipient can use the card wherever VISA® debit cards are accepted.

The gift card provides college students with a vast array of opportunities. It's also easier for them to use than a check. The student activates the card (usually with the first purchase), and he or she signs a purchase receipt after each use of the card. Items bought are deducted after each transaction, so recipients should keep track of their card balance. 

Get One Today

Purchasing a VISA® gift card from PeoplesBank is a breeze. Simply call or stop by one of our financial centers to purchase one today. We'll issue the card and provide instructions for using it.

Show a college student you care, and send a gift he or she will truly appreciate – a VISA® gift card

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