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Safety & Security

Here at PeoplesBank, security and privacy of your financial information is a top priority. In addition to our many security features, we want to keep our clients aware of how to best protect their accounts. Please review the articles below periodically for the most recent news.

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Safety and Security

It Pays to Monitor Your Account Closely

SuperUser posted on November 24, 2014 15:30

If you have considered handling your finances electronically for convenience, here's an even better reason. You'll be able to pay closer attention to your account activity, which can help keep you from falling victim to a new type of scam.

Thieves sometimes make "test raids" on consumers' checking accounts,electronically debiting small amounts, like $10 or $20. If these unauthorized debits go unnoticed and are not reversed by the financial institution or account holder, thieves may consider it a green light to steal much larger amounts from your account. While you may not be responsible for these unauthorized debits, they can still result in embarrassment and bounced checks, overdrawn and frozen accounts or returned check fees.

With a few simple steps, you can stay on top of your finances and protect yourself. Here's how:

  • Check your account balance regularly. Make it a routine, like something you do every weekend or after you make a purchase. With telephone banking and online banking, you can check account balances seven days a week.
  • Report any unauthorized charges immediately.If you see any unauthorized debit, contact us right away. No matter how small the charge, it's important to make us aware of it immediately.

We want to help keep you and your finances safe. Contact us today. 

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