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Agricultural Banking

Seasoned help to assist you in managing your business.

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Helping You Manage Your Business

We recognize that farm businesses need a financial institution that will meet the individual needs of modern farmers. So, why not partner with the Agricultural Business of the Year as named by the York County Agriculture Business Council? We're prepared and willing to help you manage the financial needs of agribusiness with the services below. Contact John Eaton at 717-747-1546 or email him at for more information!

Term Loans

  • Equipment Loans - Finance new or used equipment for up to 7 years
  • Livestock Loans - Finance dairy/beef cattle, hogs, or work horses up to 5 years; layer chickens up to 18 months
  • Mortgage Loans - Finance farm purchases, refinances or improvements up to 20 years

Lines of Credit

Revolving lines of credit can be established to help meet working capital needs. Use credit to purchase livestock for resale or for spring planting and seasonal needs. Once a line is established, funds can be transferred, free of charge, to your account with just a phone call or via online banking. And you are only charged interest on the outstanding balance on the line.

Demand Loans

Demand loans can be set up for a period of one year or less. They can be used when you have a specific income event in mind. For example, you purchase a new piece of equipment or a new farm and your old one is still for sale, or you have a short term working capital need or repair that will be paid when you sell crops or livestock at a later time.

Custom Repayment Plans

We will customize your loan payment plans to fit your operation and cash flow. If your farming operation is seasonal, we can your loan up on annual payments. If you receive monthly income, we can arrange a monthly repayment schedule. We can also set up your loan payments to coincide with your operation's selling cycles. Whatever your needs, PeoplesBank will tailor a repayment plan that makes sense for you.

Local Decision Making & Responsive Service

PeoplesBank is a local community bank, which means our decision makers live here too. They know quick decisions are crucial to you as a business person, and they are dedicated to providing the fastest service possible. Need help or have a question? Your PeoplesBank agricultural representative is as near as your phone. And because we understand the busy schedule of a farm operation, our agricultural loan officer will come to your farm if desired. We can even help you fill out the paperwork.

Reasonable Rates/Fees

Competitive rates, a reasonable fee structure and quick approvals add up to some of the best financial packages in the area.


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