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5 Ways to Build a Healthy Credit History

SuperUser posted on October 14, 2016 01:13

If you've ever watched TV's "The Biggest Loser," you know that it’s easier to maintain a healthy weight now than try to lose weight and overcome possible health conditions later. (Or as some people say, "A moment on the lips, and forever on the hips.")

The same is true of your credit history, which affects everything from your purchasing power to your ability to get a reasonable loan rate or land a job. Building a healthy credit history from the start – rather than trying to overcome mistakes later – can save you time, energy and money. 

To get an idea of your credit history, potential lenders will examine your credit score. A high credit score can make it easier to get a credit card or loan, and may result in the lender setting a lower interest rate. To boost your credit score, remember these tips:

  1. Pay your bills on time. Please contact us to learn more about our bill pay and automatic payment transfer options 

  2. Pay down your debt. Consider our low-rate loans to consolidate your debt. One of our professionals can also help you create a debt management plan.

  3. Reconsider closing accounts. You may be tempted to close an old credit card account because you no longer use the card. But the longer you’re responsible borrowing history, the better your score.

  4. Think twice about opening accounts. Applying for a lot of credit at once can harm your credit score. And every line of credit you apply for will stay on your record for at least seven years, even if the account is only open for a day or two.

  5. Fix errors. Review your official records from all three major credit reporting agencies  (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) and be sure any incorrect information is  corrected. You can order a free credit report from each agency once a year at*

With healthy rates on savings and low-rate loans and credit cards, PeoplesBank can help you achieve fiscal fitness and a healthy credit history. For more information, please contact us! We would be happy to help you!

* Web site provided for information only. No endorsement is implied.

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