We want to give our clients personal checking accounts that work for them. That’s why we offer several checking account options for you to choose from, each with its own unique benefits. Open a personal checking account and have access to Online & Mobile Banking so you can pay bills, transfer funds, and check account balances on the go!

When we say we offer personal checking in PA and MD, we mean personal checking that works with your unique and specific financial situation. You’ll choose the features that suit your specific needs for a checking account in PA or MD, and we’ll set up the account that meets those needs. Feel free to call us at 717-864-1970 or visit your nearest branch location in PA or MD for more details. We’ll also gladly provide answers to any questions you have about our checking account options, including:

  • Free-For-All Checking: Free-For-All Checking means exactly that. No maintenance fees and no charge for online banking or MoneyPass/Allpoint ATMs. You can link your Free-For-All account to another PeoplesBank account for overdraft protection. This checking account is a great option for students and young people starting out with their first checking account in PA or MD. It’s also a good choice if you currently have only a small amount that you wish to keep in checking.
  • PrimeTime Checking: Let your money work for you with a PrimeTime account, which features a variable interest rate that’s compounded and credited monthly. This account does require a $300 minimum balance to avoid a $3 monthly maintenance fee, and one accountholder must be at least 50 years of age. It’s a great account for people looking to build retirement savings while enjoying easy checking and for those who are able to keep a little bit of a higher balance in their checking account.
  • Direct Deposit: This account does not have maintenance fees but requires at least one direct deposit every 60 days. It comes with one free order of standard checks. It’s ideal for those whose employer offers or insists on Direct Deposit.
  • Hometown Hero: Peoplesbank honors our local heroes with this maintenance-fee-free account designed for members of the military, law enforcement, firefighters and EMTs with Direct Deposit of payroll or retirement benefits at least every 60 days. It comes with free specially designed checks and a free standards safe deposit box.
  • Second Chance: We understand that people have financial challenges throughout life for a variety of reasons and may have difficulty meeting their financial responsibilities at times. We don’t think these issues should prevent you from having a checking account. Try our Second Chance Checking. For only $9.95 per statement cycle, you can enjoy a wide range of checking services, including a VISA® Check Card after 120 days of satisfactory account management and the option to move to a different type of checking account after one year of successful management.


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In addition to an account that’s specialized to meet your needs, all of our checking accounts come with the convenience of online banking. You can even get started in just a few clicks by applying to open your account online. All you need is $25 to open the one you want, and remember — you can link any account to another PeoplesBank account for overdraft protection. Open yours now!

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