Savings accounts offer a way for you to maximize the money you put away. PeoplesBank recognizes the importance of holding onto your money for a rainy day or a big occasion. Savings accounts allow you to access your money easily when you need it and earn money back just for keeping it with us. For more than 150 years, clients have trusted their personal savings accounts to us.

Whether you want to save for vacation or a special purchase, a savings account will help you reach your goal. When you open a personal savings account with PeoplesBank, you get even more benefits. We offer a range of account options for personal savings, so you can choose one that’s right for your goals.

We set up our accounts with our clients in mind. We want to offer you a savings option that fits your requirements and allows you the flexibility and benefits you desire from any savings product. Take a look at our solutions and the benefits they provide, and open an account online today.

Personal Statement Savings

The Personal Statement Savings account is best for those who want to keep a modest balance and be able to access their money and link to their checking account to avoid overdrafts. You can also get an ATM card for your this type of account. The account works for those who plan to save money for the long term but don’t have a certain purpose in mind.

The benefits of opening a Personal Statement Savings account include:

  • Open Online!
  • Variable interest rate
  • Only a $25 opening balance required
  • Quarterly statements

Maverick Statement Savings

The Maverick Statement Savings account is available to children ages 17 and under. It is best for kids who want to begin saving and don’t want to maintain a certain monthly balance. Withdrawals can only be made in person at one of the 26 PeoplesBank locations.

The benefits of opening a Maverick Statement Savings account include:

  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • Variable interest rate
  • Gift package from PeoplesBank for opening an account

Seasons Club Savings

The Seasons Club Savings account works well for those saving with a specific purpose in mind, such as a vacation. It allows you to earn money toward this goal and ensure you do not dip into the savings until you are ready.

The benefits of opening a Seasons Club Savings account include:

  • Just $5 required to open the account
  • Only a $5 monthly balance to avoid fees
  • The account conveniently disburses on a designated date, either into an existing savings or checking account with PeoplesBank or through a check we mail to you

Money Market Savings

The Money Market Savings account is best for those who want to maximize their earnings on a larger sum of money. They require a minimum $500 initial deposit and must maintain a $1,000 monthly balance to avoid maintenance fees.

The benefits of opening a Money Market Savings account include:

  • Open Online!
  • Accessible via a debit or ATM card
  • Can link to a checking account to avoid overdraft fees
  • Variable tiered interest rate, which compounds and gets credited monthly

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Did you know you can open a savings account online? Personal savings accounts are available to residents of PA and MD. Open your account online today and start saving.

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