We offer a comprehensive selection of Treasury Management products and services to fit the needs of our clients. From collections to disbursements to reporting services, we have the tools to help you manage your cash efficiently.

Information & Protection

Online Cash Management
Provides clients with 24/7 secure access to credit and deposit information and reporting tools.

Positive Pay
Provides clients with responsive reporting for checks—both cleared and outstanding.

ACH Account Filter
Provides clients with additional security to allow only authorized ACH transactions to filter to the account.

FEDI (Financial Electronic Data Interchange)
Provides clients with detailed ACH transaction information.


Provides clients with a full receivables collection service. We pick up the mail, process and deposit the transactions, and electronically transmit the information.

Remote Deposit Capture
Provides clients with the ability to scan and deposit checks right from their desks—anytime, day or night. Watch a short demo of our Remote Deposit Capture product below.

Learn More About Remote Deposit Capture

ACH Receipts and Collections
Provides clients with the ability to originate electronic debits to any financial institution—e.g. membership dues, recurring payments, cash concentration, etc.

UPIC (Universal Payment Identification Code)
Provides clients with alternate account information to allow them to securely accept electronic credits.

Merchant Services
Provides clients with the ability to accept card payments.


ACH Payroll and Payments
Provides clients with the ability to originate electronic credits to any financial institution—e.g. direct deposit of payroll, recurring payments, T&E reimbursements, cash concentration, etc.

Wire Transfers
Provides clients with the ability to transfer funds to any location

VISA Business Card Services
Provides clients with the choices of VISA® branded credit and/or debit cards

Other Services

Provides clients with automatic account transfer to reduce interest expense and/or maximize earnings

Night Deposit
Provides clients with after-hours branch depository capability

Cash Vault Services
Provides clients with large scale, high volume cash handling services

Escrow Management
Provides clients with consolidated management for escrow accounts

CDARS (Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service)
Provides clients with additional FDIC Insurance at CD level rates