Card Creator Terms & Conditions

A PeoplesBank customized VISA Check Card is subject to the following terms and conditions…

These terms and conditions are in addition to those found in the Cardholder Agreement. Customized cards are available to clients with an open VISA Check Card for a charge of $7.95. Please keep in mind this charge will be imposed at card renewal as well. If you would no longer wish to participate in this service, you must contact a PeoplesBank representative 90 days prior to your card’s expiration date. A customized card works like a regular VISA Check Card and is accepted anywhere you see the VISA logo. Further, if images are deemed unacceptable by PeoplesBank and are repeatedly submitted, PeoplesBank reserves the right to prohibit future use of this service. Examples of prohibited photographs include, but are not limited to:

  • Phone numbers, addresses, or web site addresses
  • Professional photographs, photographs including artwork, or photographs including other individuals (unless you have written permission from the creator of the professional photograph, the creator of the artwork, or all individuals in the photograph)
  • Photographs of celebrities, athletes, musicians, or public figures
  • Photographs containing provocative, sexual, offensive, racially/culturally insensitive, or political material
  • Photographs with copyrighted or trademarked material, advertising, promotional materials, company names, or slogans
  • Photographs considered by PeoplesBank to be profane or obscene
  • Photographs with alcohol, tobacco, or firearms
  • Images which show illegal or anti-social behavior
  • Any image PeoplesBank deems unacceptable to be associated with the PeoplesBank brand
  • By creating a customized card, you give PeoplesBank permission to use the photograph on the card. You agree to reimburse PeoplesBank for any amounts, including attorney’s fees and defense costs, it is required to pay, or reasonably agrees to pay to settle or avoid litigation to any person or entity on account of or related to the use of the photograph on the card.


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