August 31, 2022

John Gibbel finds common ground with PeoplesBank in serving residents and building relationships.

John Gibbel was looking for something more. He was raising his family in Lancaster, enjoying his work in a family-owned insurance agency, edging ever closer to his 40th birthday, and sensing that there was something new to be stepping toward.

With a high value for helping others, John began exploring other business options that would allow him to serve people even more tangibly.

Finding his niche

After much searching, through a friend, John learned that the local Home Instead was for sale. It didn’t take long to realize that John had found his new vocation.

In May 2010, with a business partner, he became the owner of Lancaster County’s Home Instead franchises. This wasn’t his first experience with the organization, though. In the early 2000s, John was helping his aunt through the setbacks that sometimes come with aging. Home Instead was there to assist her with practical day-to-day support as her mobility diminished.

John knew the power of this organization to help individuals maintain independence and quality of life — with kindness and dignity — when their bodies or minds no longer had the capacity.

“It’s been a good journey that I’m super grateful for,” he says.

For over a decade, John and his team, presently consisting of about 100 Care Professionals and 10 office staff, have served the Lancaster County community. The staff help individuals as needed with practical care and oversight for bathing, dressing, cooking, cleaning, and transportation, and the peace of mind that a caring, friendly presence provides. Sometimes a client is supported well with a few visits per week while others benefit from care 24/7. Whether hospice support, dementia care, dealing with neurological challenges, or simply offering some additional help, a consultative conversation and added peace of mind is just a phone call away.

A like-minded banking partner

In the fall of 2021, John had an opportunity to purchase a local, friendly competitor. Although the purchase did not come to fruition, in the process he connected with the team at PeoplesBank. John was so struck by PeoplesBank’s genuine interest in the story of his business that he now looks to PeoplesBank for all of Home Instead’s banking needs.

“I’ve just appreciated the flexibility and the interest and curiosity to understand what we do and then the willingness to come around and say, ‘What do you need to do that well?’” John’s team at Home Instead and the staff at PeoplesBank hold a common belief that treating people with grace and kindness means everything.

“Relationship is really at the heart of it,” John says.


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