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May 10, 2019

PeoplesBank announced today that they have been awarded the PEAK Achievement Award from the York Builders Association (YBA). The award is part of the PEAK Achievement Awards, presented annually by YBA. The PEAK Achievement awards recognize excellence in all aspects of the building industry, from building and remodeling, to community service, outdoor projects, and designs.

PeoplesBank received their PEAK Achievement Award in the category of Community Service for their Care to Share program. The Care to Share program provides each PeoplesBank associate with a $25 VISA Gift Card for them to “pay it forward”. Those gift cards spread throughout the community as a thank you, a way to brighten someone’s day, or a helping hand to a client in need. PeoplesBank holds the Care to Share program twice a year, which enables their associates to pay approximately $18,000 forward to the community. PeoplesBank and other award winners were honored at the 2019 PEAK Achievement Awards Banquet on May 9 at the Out Door Country Club in York.


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