November 28, 2022

Congratulations to Jennifer Barrett Cox of Empower4Life on being one of our non-profit winners for the PeoplesBank 2022 Redeem Your Dreams contest! She won $1,000 to put toward her dream of giving back to Baltimore Maryland homeless youth through the development of after school programs, fundraisers, summer camps, and charitable giving.

About Empower4Life Organization

Empower4Life is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in Kingsville, Maryland. Jennifer Barrett Cox (president) founded Empower4Life in 2015 after she began to volunteer with homeless children at the Eastside Family Emergency Shelter in Rosedale, Maryland. Her time at this transitional shelter opened her eyes to the tremendous disadvantages faced by children coming from turbulent situations including homelessness and poverty. Once dedicated to only teaching, she shifted her focus and career to develop the Empower4Life community and embraced the mission that every child, regardless of circumstance, deserves love, hope, and opportunity.



Learn more about Empower4Life’s Three Pillars and how to volunteer:
The three pillars of our Empower4Life Program


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