Become a Peoples Person.

Hear from some of our most valued clients as they describe what being a Peoples Person means to them.

Thompson Farms

“We switched to PeoplesBank 40 years ago and haven’t looked back.” – John Thompson, Owner of Thompson Farms

Talmudical Academy

“When you’re in the business of education, you have to pay attention to the needs of every single student. I think PeoplesBank does the same thing with their clients.” – Rabbi Yaacov Cohen, Executive Director of Talmudical Academy

Martin’s Snacks

“PeoplesBank is a great fit for us. They’re big enough to help and small enough to care.” – Butch Potter, President of Martin’s Snacks

Sage Homes

“PeoplesBank cares about my business, no question!” – Gil Horwitz, CEO of Sage Homes

H. L. Wiker, Inc.

“Not all banks understand our business, but PeoplesBank does.” – Donna Shoff, President of H. L. Wiker, Inc.

Military & Commercial Fasteners

“PeoplesBank is creative, responsive, and gets the job done.” – Craig Siewert, President of Military & Commercial Fasteners

“They are always wonderful when you stop in and are glad to help with whatever you need.”

– Jackie A. – Cape Horn, PA

“They always take their time with me and make it feel like we are just old friends chatting. That’s part of what makes PeoplesBank so great.”

– James H. – Perry Hall, MD

“They always make me feel welcome and they take the time to chat with me. “

– Doris Z. – Glen Rock, PA

“I have nothing but good things to say about the people who work at PeoplesBank. They are all very professional and eager to help me. They take the time to ask me how I’m doing.”

– Ruth M. – Hunt Valley, MD

“I opened a CD and the lady who opened it told me my options. She was very friendly and wanted me to get the best that they were offering.”

– Andrew B. – Perry Hall, MD

“They are always very nice to me and ask me how I’ve been. They make me feel like they care and I actually enjoy going there”

– Blanche W. – Hereford, MD

“They always treat me like a friend. They make me feel like they appreciate my business and always call me by name when I walk in the door. “

– Laverne O. – Jefferson, PA

“Everyone has always said that PeoplesBank was the best and I certainly felt that way when I sat down with one of their employees. She made me feel like I was all that mattered. She took the time to explain how to use the account and went over the benefits with me. “

– Alyssa B. – Dover, PA

“Yes, the professionalism is there, but the most important thing is that they make you feel like a friend and spend enough time with you to hear about what’s important to you. That is why they are our local community bank.”

– Paul E. – Jacobus, PA

“I keep opening CDs for my nieces and nephews, so I am in the bank all the time. I had a birthday a few days ago and not only did they call me, but they sent me a birthday card with all of their names on it. They are very nice to me and I appreciate them all.”

– Alice E. – Gardenville, MD