December 5, 2022

Congratulations to all of our individual winners for the PeoplesBank 2022 Redeem Your Dreams contest! They all won $1,000 to put toward their dreams!


Anita K. Jones

My Dream is . . .

To finally publish my children’s book.

“Many years ago, I wrote and illustrated a children’s book.  I had the book copyrighted in 2012 and plans to have it published were put on hold due to financial issues. My dream is to get my book published in 2022 or 2023.”

Julie Fisher

My Dream is . . .

To have a new front door for my house.

“Mother Nature has not been kind to our front door and when I lost my job during Covid, that project had to go on the back burner.  Praying hard that I get through this winter without a breeze or a leak.  As a loyal customer at PeoplesBank since 1980, this would be how I’d like to Redeem My Dream.”

Kelsey Bortner

My Dream is . . .

To help my military husband get his smile back.

 “My dream is to help my husband (a military veteran) get his dream smile. He was forced to get this front tooth pulled in order to deploy to Afghanistan with his troop. So brave and without hesitation he did it. For 3 years he has had to use a fake prosthetic and it has broken. Still three years later his medical insurance will not cover the cost to repair.”

Laurie Herman

My Dream is . . .

To increase the number of Blessing Bags I create to the area’s homeless population.

“I hand out approximately 100 bags to men & women filled with socks, gloves, beanies, toiletries, breakfast and snack bars and so much more.  $1000 could help me reach an all-time high and add some more items, such as more blankets, tents and sleeping bags. I could even purchase things for kids as well. This would go a long way for me making more bags!”

Stephanie Hirt

My Dream is . . .

Be able to finish our attic which will be a playroom for our grandson.

“Currently my grandson’s toys are in a very small, enclosed porch with no heat. He would love to have a Nerf themed playroom, and this would help Buy the supplies to finish off our attic.



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