Merchant Services, also known as credit card processing, allows you to accept debit card and credit card payments from customers safely and securely. Merchant services can help any business, large or small, by giving your clients the convenient option of paying with a card.

What Is Merchant Services in Banking?

Merchant services refers to how electronic payments are transacted and processed by a business. Companies usually create an account that handles credit card processing, which simplifies payment options for customers. With our products, businesses can also access their money quickly.

Our Merchant Services can handle all electronic payment transactions for you. This process involves gathering sales information, securing a transaction authorization, obtaining funds from the bank issuing the credit and debit card, and sending payment to you. This service will make electronic payment processing simple for you and your team.

PeoplesBank partners with the First Data Community Financial Institutions division to provide our clients with Merchant Services payment processing.  In addition to many other processing options, we have the Clover suite of products available for our clients.  This family of products includes a point of sale register system, a client-facing payment system, a wireless payment solution, and a mobile payment solution.

Learn More About the Clover Point of Sale System

Secure Merchant Services for Any Business

Many small business owners believe that merchant services are out of their reach. They may think it’s too expensive to take card transactions or challenging to implement the technology. Our services are affordable and easy to use. Small businesses can’t afford to overlook this type of payment option.

Fewer and fewer people carry cash with them as debit and credit payments have become more ubiquitous. When customers walk into your business, they assume you offer these payment options. Your business will appear more tech-savvy and desirable when you provide the ability to pay with debit or credit cards.

How Will Your Business Benefit?

Whether you have a current payment services provider or need a completely new payment processing solution, PeoplesBank can offer your business:

• Online Store, Retail, Restaurant, Business to Business Processing
• Point-of-Sale, Mobile and Online Payments Processing
• Credit Card, Debit Card, ACH and EBT Payment Acceptance
• EMV/Chip Capable Devices
• Apple Pay, Android Pay, Google Pay Devices
• Certified PCI DSS Service Level 1 Compliant
• Next Day Funding Available
• Branded Gift Cards for your Business

Our merchant services team supports our clients with first data debit card services and information. We keep you updated about your transactions and allow you to access money paid to you more quickly with our tools.

Secure merchant services carry benefits you will see daily at your company. Time comes at a premium for business owners and your employees — what could you or they do with a few more minutes in the day? When you employ our merchant services, you free up time that would otherwise go toward taking payments, making changes and calculating cash flow. Our automated tools encourage your team to put that saved time into doing other vital tasks.

Improving efficiency is another critical benefit of enlisting our merchant services. Your business demands precision. When you take payments electronically, you cut time off of customers’ transactions. You can make your way through a long line more quickly, keeping your customers happy.

That efficiency also carries into your financial records. Having an electronic record of everything simplifies your accounting. You can set goals more effectively as you use the new system and get a better idea of your potential time savings and cash flow. Efficiency reflects the focus and effort you put into doing things well. It will boost morale for your employees when they see productivity rise. Greater output has a positive impact on your entire operation.

Why Do You Need Merchant Services?

Today, customers demand convenience as well as options for payment. Not having the ability to accept card payments, could result in lost sales for your physical or online business. Some customers simply do not carry cash or they prefer alternative forms of payment. These continually evolving payment preferences make merchant solutions vital to business success.

Having Merchant Services can assist with your business growth. Whether you want to offer convenient sales over the phone or you need to expand online, our Merchant Services team can help. It is likely that your competitors are already accepting multiple forms of payment, and having Merchant Services allows you to compete in your busy and competitive in industry. Accepting new forms of payment can help to increase your potential client market and help maximize your bottom line.

Merchant Services provides you with an instant card approval or decline, as a way to protect your business from insufficient funds payments. Merchant services can also immediately improve your cash flow by offering clients a quick and convenient method to pay your company. Talk to us today about how electronic payment processing could also reduce your billing expenses and simplify your record-keeping.