With Mobile Deposit, you can deposit your checks from anywhere using a mobile device! Simply download our mobile app, take a photo of your check, and deposit the digital image into your account. It’s quick, convenient, and allows you to spend more time on the things that are important to you. Just snap, send, and smile!

How to Enroll in Mobile Deposit

To enroll in mobile deposit, click on “Settings” in the menu of our mobile app and then click on “Mobile Deposit Enrollment”. After accepting the terms and conditions, please log out of the app and wait a few seconds before logging back. When you log back in, you will see “Deposit a Check” as one of your menu options.

Mobile Endorsements

When depositing an item, please remember to endorse it properly to avoid rejection:

Your Signature or Endorsement Stamp
For Mobile Deposit Only
PeoplesBank (DATE)