At PeoplesBank Wealth Management, we will develop a customized plan to assist you in growing, managing, and protecting your wealth.

Your Wealth Management Relationship


Trustworthy, Time-Tested Advice

PeoplesBank has lent its expertise to clients since its founding in 1864 and PeoplesBank Wealth Management has helped its clients grow, manage, and protect their wealth by providing trustworthy and focused advice since 1979.

Local Decision Making

All of our business and investment decisions are made locally, with our clients’ best interests in mind. This also allows us to be flexible and adaptable in meeting the needs of our clients. As a client of PeoplesBank Wealth Management, you will have access to the firm’s decision makers.

Team Approach Focused Around the Client

Each client of PeoplesBank Wealth Management will work with a dedicated advisory team. Our experienced team members specialize in areas such as investments, estate planning, trust administration, financial planning and personal banking. The membership of each client’s advisory team will be customized to meet their individual needs.