December 19, 2022

Congratulations to Seitzland Village, a restoration project located in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, on being one of our business winners for the PeoplesBank 2022 Redeem Your Dreams contest! They won $1,000 to put toward their dream of building a bench for bikers to rest along the rail trail in Seitzland Village.

The Seitzland Village Project Story

A passion project like no other, The Seitzland Village restoration project is being built on blood, sweat, and tears, piece-by-piece by long-term York County residents Dave Keller and Ellen Darby. Dave is an accomplished craftsman and architectural artist who has spent over 40 years preserving the architectural history of Southern York County, one building at a time. That expertise is seen in their building rehabilitation project with the majority of furnishings, walls, doors, windows, and even ceilings, being crafted by hand by Dave himself. Ellen’s diverse background includes work in environmental, residential, and commercial construction. Her enthusiasm for the project was seen on our tour as she walked us through each area, pointing out the handmade furnishings and ideas she has for the space. Restaurant, lounge, art gallery, country store, event rental? The possibilities are endless, and investors and visionaries are welcome to collaborate on what the specific purpose will be exactly for the village. With concrete floors removed, walls gutted, and blueprints upon handmade tables, the life of what the general store use to be emerges.

“We aspire to provide services for the rail trail; capitalize on local resources and artisans; celebrate and share our unique identity and culture; and, in the process, help to build a strong sense of community, contribute to the local economy, and spark tourism by providing a unique and attractive destination for recreational and commercial visitors to the County.”

Seitzland Village is located in Pennsylvania’s Southern York County, just over the Mason Dixon Line, less than an hour’s drive from Baltimore, York, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Hanover, and Gettysburg. The Village of Seitzland evolved in the mid-1800s, after Nicholas Seitz constructed a mill adjacent to the new North Central Railway on the outskirts of the established town of Glen Rock. The trains stopped to pick up the goods produced at the mill, and housing and services quickly flourished around the new facility.

Learn More About the Project at their website: The SEITZLAND VILLAGE Project (seitzlandpa.com)



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