The PeoplesBank Wealth Management team can work with you to address concerns like tax burdens, portfolio diversification, inheritance allotments, and more.

Our Investment Process

Our locally led investment process guides all of our investment management decisions and is comprised of the following components:

Independent Advice

As a smaller firm, we are able to offer truly independent investment advice. We are aggregators of research, and by not being connected to a larger firm, we are able to combine many different viewpoints and conduct an objective analysis of economic and market data.

Actively Managed Asset Allocation

We actively manage the investment exposures of each client with the goal of steering portfolios toward opportunities and away from risks. Our asset allocation recommendations, issued by the Investment Strategy Committee, are meant to be evolutionary in nature, not revolutionary. This means that our recommended changes are typically incremental which will reflect a gradually evolving investment thesis.

Broad Investment Selection

In client portfolios, we recommend an appropriate combination of individual stocks and bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs. Our due diligence process is designed to find the best investment vehicles on a net-of-fees basis for each asset class.

Direct Connection With Our Clients’ Portfolios

Our portfolio managers are all members of our Investment Strategy Committee. Therefore, there is a direct link between our investment strategy and our clients’ portfolios.

Client’s Best Interests Come First

We do not offer any proprietary products nor do we receive compensation for recommending any particular investment over another. The only fee we receive is based on the market value of the assets we manage for each client. Therefore, our incentive is to do what is truly in each client’s best interest.

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