April 26, 2021

Regupol America, which manufactures recycled rubber products, turned to PeoplesBank to help them take care of their employees.

George Soukas remembers the relief that he felt when he got off the phone with PeoplesBank and knew that PPP funds were on the way.

Like a lot of businesses, Regupol America LLC, a Lebanon County manufacturer of recycled rubber products, faced uncertainty in the early months of the pandemic.

“As an employer, you want to do the best that you can for your people. We clearly had every intention to retain our employees in those moments of uncertainty and we are proud to say that we retained them all and even hired additional staff,” says Soukas, President and CEO since 2008. “We have 90 people who work here. They contribute to this community.”

It took the company’s previous bank two weeks to tell Regupol America that they would not be able to process their PPP loan. Looking for a solution, Soukas picked up the phone and called PeoplesBank. In four hours, their PPP application was approved.

“There’s a comfort level that I have in working with PeoplesBank,” Soukas says. “They took care of us when we really needed it.”

Even though Regupol is part of an international company with more than 700 employees and customers in 132 countries, Soukas is tuned into the needs of the 90 people who come to work at the Lebanon plant each day.

PeoplesBank took care of the PPP funding that would help cover payroll costs, but their relationship didn’t stop there. When it came time to pick a bank to manage employee 401K accounts, PeoplesBank was the best fit.

“The hands-on approach we had from PeoplesBank felt really good to us and our employees,” Soukas says. “We wanted to know they’d be there for us again.”

While PeoplesBank has the technology that makes it easy for his employees to manage their retirement plans, they also have the relationship-work down.

“When someone needs something, they don’t dial into a 1-800 number,” Soukas says. “We call someone who lives 20 minutes away. And they’re there for us in a professional, heartfelt way. That means a lot to me because I can take care of what matters most – my employees.”

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