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March 13, 2018

Sometimes you have to be bold to get what you want in life, and this is especially true when negotiating to advance your career. Negotiation is a valuable skill that can improve your chances of landing your next job or promotion. It can also help you define your role within a company and set the stage for future advancement opportunities. Whether you’re just starting out, in mid-career or nearing retirement, the following guidelines can help you negotiate your way to success:

  1. Figure out what you want. Are you focused on salary, paid time off, flexibility or other perks? Are you looking for other opportunities for leadership, mobility or continuing education? Make a list of what’s important to you and what you need to do to make it happen (i.e., search for a new job or find opportunities with a current employer).
  2. Do your research. Strengthen your position by supporting it with data and numbers. Check websites like or to compare average salaries for your job description and experience level. This can help you get an idea of salary ranges in your industry.
  3. Prepare talking points. You might be tempted to just wing it, but being prepared can help you stay focused under pressure. Frame up the points you want to cover so you can deliver a compelling argument when the time is right. Also think about how you plan to respond if the employer pushes back or offers a different solution.
  4. Demonstrate your value. If you’re asking for a raise, be ready to give a good reason for your request. Build your case with a quick list of your skills and accomplishments that are valuable to the company. Prove your value with performance reviews or other measureable results.
  5. Consider the other side’s perspective. Are there ways you can bring a win-win to the table? For example, if you want more flexibility with your work schedule, emphasize what the employer would gain by allowing you to flex your schedule.
  6. Connect on a personal level. Take time to really understand who you’re negotiating with and what matters to them. Make an effort to be transparent about your motives, too. Sharing information openly can build trust and help your negotiations.
  7. Be confident. Although negotiating can be uncomfortable at times, it shows you have what it takes to get things done. Regardless of the outcome, negotiating with confidence can earn you respect and credibility in your career.

You’ve worked hard to make smart career decisions and get ahead financially. When you’re celebrating a job offer or promotion, keep in mind — it’s the perfect time to invest even more in your financial future. Talk to the Wealth Advisors at PeoplesBank to review your investment and retirement savings options.


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