December 21, 2020

Brothers Cliff and Clair Weaver combined their real estate and building skills to create Landmark Homes in 1998.

Brothers Cliff and Clair Weaver see beyond what most people envision when building a home. The layouts and colors matter, sure, but the Weavers consider the bigger picture.

They imagine families waking up on Christmas morning, rushing downstairs to rip open gifts. They foresee the babies brought home from the hospital, the high school graduates leaving the driveway on their way to college.

Looking at the bigger picture is what drives the brothers — who combined their real estate and building skills to start Landmark Homes in 1998 — every time they embark upon a new project. The Weavers have expanded their Lancaster County-based business over the years to developing land and building homes throughout the region.

“Styles come and go,” Cliff Weaver says. “We want to build homes that last a lifetime.”

While each home represents a family, the Weavers also know that family will be part of the larger community. Developing land goes further than the home itself, Cliff says. It involves looking at the community around it and finding elements that work together.

“We have to ask ourselves what’s next for homebuyers while also looking at what’s good for society,” he says. “We see ourselves as contributors to that community, and we’re very mindful of that.”

Partnering with PeoplesBank aligned with that mission of benefitting the community, Cliff says. Landmark Homes works with the bank for financing on land development and new builds. Beyond that, the Weavers have also seen how PeoplesBank gives back to those they serve.

“PeoplesBank has been a big influence on how we do business,” Cliff says. “They understand what our challenges are and are willing to partner with us on those. They’re a community partner that is helping us build a business.”

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