January 24, 2023

Watch the webinar recording from 1/24/23 to learn numerous ways to spend less of your hard-earned money on your prescription drugs.

About Keith Rill

Keith is a life-long resident of York County.  He’s a graduate of Spring Grove High School and holds a bachelor’s degree from Shippensburg University. After 28 years as Warehouse Systems Engineer, Keith decided to change career paths and focus on becoming an expert in the individual health insurance space.  He has a passion for helping consumers learn about their health insurance options in a way that will lead them to making the best choices now, and into the future.  Keith has also driven deep into the prescription drug industry.  Hearing stories of clients’ inability to afford prescriptions drugs has motivated him to constantly learn and teach others how to save in a very complicated space.  He believes that sharing health insurance and prescription drug market knowledge is the most impactful way he can serve our local community and build a successful business strategy.


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