PeoplesBank is here to assist in every stage of life that introduces new fraud and identity theft-related risks.

Each year, more than 16 million Americans are victims of identity theft. That’s 1 out of 20 Americans exposed to financial loss, suffering emotional stress, and spending hundreds of hours picking up the pieces. And our digitally connected world creates more risk for identity theft by the day. Attending college. Getting married. Buying a home. Retiring. To reduce risks, you and your family need help, including:

  • Education to understand behaviors that can expose you to fraud as you
    move through different phases of life.
  • Support from specialists who can help manage your identities and resolve
    fraud no matter the life circumstances.

Don’t wait until you’re the victim.

With Sontiq, Identity Restoration Pro, the phone calls and paperwork are handled by specialists who know how to navigate the recovery process, so you can stay focused on life and what matters to you. We monitor your personal information 24/7, quickly alert you to threats, and help protect you.

peoplesbank identity protection

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