March 29, 2021

Ryan King remembers the day he thought the doors of his business might close forever. Now, entering his eighth season in the bridge industry, he’s grateful that he kept going.


Ryan King drove to Reading with the project bids in his hand—the last hope he had for keeping his business alive.

Several months earlier in November 2013, when a recession in the bridge industry left Ryan unemployed, he jumped at the opportunity to build his own business. The winter months gave him time to build a book of business and be ready for the spring season. But after months of no income and a new house riding on the line, Ryan made that drive from York County to Reading and wondered if he should close Rylind Construction.

“I was really licking my wounds,” he says, thinking back to that day. “We were just days from the season starting, and I had nothing to show for it.”

Rylind Construction landed both of those bids and $500,000 in revenue. It was enough to make his first two hires.

As the company grew and needed a larger line of credit to purchase machinery, it took meeting with half a dozen banks to get the “yes” that Rylind Construction needed to succeed. PeoplesBank was the bank that came through for them.

“PeoplesBank gave us a shot,” Ryan says. “They saw that glisten in my eye and my dreams to take on the world, and they took a chance on me.”

Today, Rylind Construction touts 38 employees and two locations—a corporate office in Mount Wolf and 54 acres outside Williamsport where their shop is located.

Ryan still gets just as excited now over project bids as he did years ago. He pulls his staff into the office to watch the results live, and it has created a culture where they’re all pulling for the company’s success.

“I feel like it was necessary for me to almost lose everything so that I appreciate the little things,” Ryan says. “It keeps me humble. It keeps me working hard.”

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