Freedom Manufacturing Team


August 31, 2021

Karen Markey, President of Freedom Manufacturing, tells her friends how PeoplesBank helped her business grow through the years. They say, ‘Wait, your banker did that?’

Karen Markey became an entrepreneur for the reason a lot of people decide to start their own business: She was tired of working for someone else.

With a background as a Certified Public Accountant, Markey never imagined she’d own a manufacturing facility.

“Sometimes opportunities become available, and you have to go for it,” she says.

In 2003, Markey and her then-husband purchased R.H. Fink Inc. and renamed it Freedom Manufacturing. They offer precision welding, precision machining of custom components, and full-service fabrication, providing all pre- and post-laser cutting services. Their goal is to make fabrication of prototype projects feasible and cost-effective.

The business turned to PeoplesBank early on to help with their banking and financial needs but eventually switched to another institution. When she and her husband divorced and she became 100% owner of the company, Markey decided to return to PeoplesBank.

It was a decision she’s grateful for making. When the pandemic rocked her business, Markey relied on PeoplesBank to not only help them get PPP funding but to learn about other grant opportunities and ways to weather the road ahead.

“I tell my friends how PeoplesBank has helped us,” Markey says, “and they say, ‘Wait, your banker did that?’ They’ve always been a great support to us. Going above and beyond like that has helped us be successful.”

As she thinks about her retirement in the next several years, Markey is preparing for her succession. She plans to pass the torch to her nephew John Diamond, who does quoting and estimating, and her niece Katie Arvin, who does purchasing, marketing and customer relations.

“I’m really proud of the way they work,” Markey says. “I know they’ll take care of this business. I believe PeoplesBank has helped me make it a business they can be proud to run themselves.”

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