Humble Beginnings

The small town of Glen Rock, Pennsylvania is close to the Mason-Dixon Line, and in the 1800s it saw its share of both Confederate and Union soldiers during the Civil War. At that time, the town was filled with artisans and citizens and it saw many of its young men sent to war.

On April 5, 1864, some of the leading men in town met to sign the “Articles of Association of the First National Bank of Glen Rock, Penna.” Oliver R. Wentz, George Heindel, George Moessinger Sr., Philip Sheffer, Josiah V. Hoshour, Emanuel Shefer, George S. Brodbeeks, Nicholas Shafer and William Heathcote were the signees and some of the most important citizens of the community. They made history that day, creating an association with capital stock of $50,000.

Then and Now

Over the years, PeoplesBank, as known today, has survived and thrived despite some trying times. In the 1930s, economic disaster in the form of the Great Depression came to Pennsylvania. About 1,860 banks failed across the country between 1931 and 1932 due to bad investments and loss of client accounts. Fortunately, our wise investment choices helped us to weather the storm. In 1972, Tropical Storm Agnes caused the Codorus Creek to overflow, which affected many homes and even the bank itself by destroying the early records of the bank. In the 1940s, many young men of the region left for war overseas, and in 2008, the nation was rocked by a serious recession, which caused many people to lose their homes. Through it all, PeoplesBank was there for its clients and it has been there for the community. As an independent financial institution, our team has worked to support the community and individual clients in their financial goals for over 155 years.

PeoplesBank Today

While a lot has changed since we opened our doors in 1864, like our use of advanced technology, offering digital services, and providing encryption protections to bring you peace of mind, more has stayed the same. Our focus on the local community and our commitment to caring, knowledgeable and client-focused services remains. We still welcome everyone to our bank, and we still know you by name. Just like in the 1800s, we like doing business with a smile and a handshake.

Our core values have also remained unchanged. We’re still committed to offering support and unique services to our clients while continuing to be a difference maker in the communities we serve. And we’re still fully dedicated to building relationships based on respect, integrity, honesty and sound management. We work hard to provide you with the brighter future that you deserve.

Regardless of what the future may hold, our team is positioned to continue providing innovative, dependable and comprehensive services for all of your financial needs, today and tomorrow.

We’re pleased to serve clients ranging from South Central Pennsylvania to Northern Maryland. Our Pennsylvania service area stretches from Camp Hill to Shrewsbury and Hanover to Lancaster, while our Maryland service area spans from Hereford to Baltimore to Bel Air. If you live or work near one of these communities and are looking for financial services from a community bank with a solid history of caring and integrity, contact us. Open an account online or call us at 888-846-1970 to see how we put people first.