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July 20, 2020

Mary Brown became president of Brown’s Orchards and Farm Market in Loganville, Pennsylvania, just days after her husband died unexpectedly. In two years, she has reimagined what the business can be – and PeoplesBank has been by her side every step of the way.

Mary Brown looks across the fields surrounding Brown’s Orchards and Farm Market in Loganville, Pennsylvania, with a smile as she dreams of its future. Today, she carries a quiet confidence cultivated by the not-so-distant past.

On March 1, 2018, her husband, Dave, died suddenly. Less than a week later, Mary stepped into his role as president of the family business. “I thought of all the employees who worked at Brown’s, and I loved them dearly,” Mary says. “I couldn’t leave them.”

When Mary took over the company, she assumed numerous obligations and responsibility for sustaining the family business. She needed to find new ways to bring in the revenue necessary to support the business for years to come.

“I still remember the buzz within the community, where people wondered if the businesses were going to make it,” Mary says. “I wanted to fix things so I could someday give it to my kids, should they want to take it over.”

One of the first things Mary did was visit PeoplesBank, where she worked with the business banking team to review the company’s current and future financial needs so Mary could pursue her dream of a successful Brown’s Orchards and Farm Market well into the future.

Part of that success will come in selling about 100 acres of farmland to a more manageable acreage, adequately pricing their goods to the faithful crowds that already visit the store, and launching a new wedding venue.

“PeoplesBank has been with us through everything,” Mary says. “When I told them my plans, it felt like they were rooting for me. They shop in our store. They called us to see if we needed help with PPP when COVID-19 impacted our business. It feels like a community bank that’s rallying for us.”

Now, the family business is moving forward with a new vision. Mary is excited for a future in which Brown’s thrives, supported by a bank that cares.

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