August 15, 2023

Anchor Mechanical principals Dave Deibel, Mark Huntley, and Gabe Fetty have watched their company expand from just the three of them to 175 employees in a little over a decade.

Anchor Mechanical, a thriving mechanical contracting company based in Forest Hill, Maryland, started with its three principals, Dave Deibel, Mark Huntley, and Gabe Fetty operating out of a small garage. Today, the company has grown to employ 175 dedicated professionals.

Though new to business ownership at the outset, the trio brought with them a wealth of experience from their collective years working in the HVAC and plumbing sectors. They had often endured toxic work environments and aspired to foster a business culture that emphasized the growth and wellbeing of their employees. In 2012, with this shared vision and a team of only four, Anchor Mechanical was born. The diverse range of experience and insights from the principals, spanning three decades, has been a cornerstone of the company’s success.

“You hear a lot of people talk about having partners, about how hard it is,” Mark says. “For us, it’s like we couldn’t do it without each other. Everybody here complements each other in a different way.”


Finding a financial partner

Over time, Anchor Mechanical moved out of the small garage to expand its operations and started hiring. Word-of-mouth referrals played a significant role in attracting skilled individuals to the team. The trio strived to be a fair and supportive employer, making it a priority to treat workers fairly, resolve issues, and create a positive work environment.

Several Anchor Mechanical team members teach at plumbing and HVAC schools, preparing the next generation of contractors. The Anchor Mechanical team has even helped employees start their own businesses, telling them if the ventures didn’t work out, they were welcome to come back.

Dave, Mark, and Gabe wanted to keep their company on a strong financial footing. For that, they turned to PeoplesBank, which became their financial partner, offering services such as checking accounts, savings accounts, and a line of credit. Anchor Mechanical initially arranged financing through PeoplesBank to purchase vehicles.

“They’ve been awesome,” Mark says. “They’re super personable.”

With the assistance of PeoplesBank, Anchor Mechanical has been able to navigate the challenges of building a business and establishing a firm foothold in the industry. As the company expands its operations and pursues new opportunities, it knows PeoplesBank will be there to help it grow.


On the road to expansion

With the unwavering support of PeoplesBank, Anchor Mechanical has tackled the challenges of business development head-on. The company has widened its service offerings, branching into commercial services, and expanding geographically to Pennsylvania, Delaware, District of Columbia, and Northern Virginia. Anchor Mechanical also strives to ensure economic stability by diversifying its operations and is eyeing future expansion with plans to secure operational licenses in additional states, including North Carolina.

From its humble beginnings in a small garage, to a thriving business with 175 employees, Anchor Mechanical is on a trajectory to become a regional leader in HVAC and plumbing contracted services. At the same time, Dave, Mark, and Gabe are creating a positive and supportive work environment, attracting top talent, and fostering growth.


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