How Much Could You Save?

Save while you spend! Use this calculator to estimate how much you could save with your PeoplesBank Momentum Checking and Savings accounts.

Average Monthly Spend on Debit Card
(Signature/credit-based transactions only)

Average Number of Debit Card Transactions per Month
(Assumes average of $0.5 roundup on each transaction)

Projected Momentum Savings

Debit Card Transaction Rewards
0.5 Cashback on signature based transactions

$ 0.00

Estimated Roundup Savings
(Assumes average of $0.5 roundup on each transaction)

$ 0.00

Estimated Monthly Momentum Savings:

$ 0.00

Estimated Annual Momentum Savings:

$ 0.00

Total Projected Savings

Estimated Monthly Visa® Real Rewards Cashback
Earn 1.5 cash back rewards

$ 0.00

Estimated Annual Visa® Real Rewards Cashback

$ 0.00

Total Projected Annual Momentum Savings
(Using PeoplesBank Debit Card + PeoplesBank Visa Real Rewards Credit Card)

$ 0.00

What will you do with your additional $ 00.00 of Momentum Savings?

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