Farmers bring food to our tables, and at PeoplesBank, we believe these hard-working people deserve our support. In fact, since we opened our doors more than 150 years ago, we’ve been working hard to provide agricultural banking in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Decades ago, we were offering services with a handshake, and today we provide equipment and livestock loans across the region. A handshake with a smile is still part of the transaction.

While our focus on farmers has not changed, the industry has changed a lot. Today, farm businesses and agricultural businesses are modern and high-tech. Farm equipment loans are likely to be used for the latest pieces of engineering, and today’s businesses need to focus closely on food safety, yield, prices and value. We understand this, which could be why we’ve been named Agricultural Business of the Year by the York County Pennsylvania Agriculture Business Council.

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“We’ve got people around our table who have been great at guiding us. We’ve been able to buy land and properties, able to refinance when we need to, get lines of credit when we needed it for seasonal flow of finances. It’s just brought us a peace of mind.” – Mary Stewart, Owner of Fawn View Farm

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What Are Land Loans?

A land loan is used to purchase a plot of land to build a home or to use for business purposes. 

If you’re interested in financing the purchase of property, the land loan you receive will depend on factors such as how you intend to use the land and where you’re buying it. 

Agricultural Land and Farm Loans 

Agricultural property and real estate are at the center of any farm business. Farmland financing refers to customized loans designed for ranchers, farmers and rural landowners and can include both agricultural land and farm loans. 

Whether you need funding for storage facilities, improving existing property or buying land for construction or production, PeoplesBank will help you choose the loan term option that best meets your needs. These include:

  • Short-term agricultural loans
  • Intermediate-term agricultural loans
  • Long-term farm loans

How an Agricultural Loan Can Help Farmers Grow

Agricultural loans are explicitly designed for use in the industry and can be used to expand your operations or get your ranch or farm up and running. 

Options to consider when deciding how to use your agriculture loan include:

  • Purchasing supplies
  • Buying farm equipment
  • Covering operating costs
  • Making land repairs and improvements
  • Refinancing an older loan
  • Investing in growth
  • Covering land costs
  • Advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Rebuilding after natural disasters 

Your Partner in Securing Farm Loans in MD and PA

Whether you’re looking for farm mortgage loans, a bank account, livestock loans or other services, PeoplesBank has a range of services designed just for you, no matter where you hang your hat.

  • Term Loans
  • Equipment Loans to finance equipment for up to seven years
  • Livestock Loans
  • Agricultural loans
  • Bank accounts, including checking and savings accounts
  • Mortgage Loans for farms, with terms of up to 20 years
  • Lines of Credit to handle seasonal costs, allowing you to pay costs gradually over time
  • Demand Loans for terms of one year or less
  • Custom Repayment Plans to help you get financing now and pay back when cash flow and operations allow

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Why Work With PeoplesBank?

The PeoplesBank team specializes in agricultural loans and has over 155 years of experience customizing our products and services to fit your unique needs. In addition, the head of our small business banking division, John Eaton, is still an active farmer today, meaning he understands the needs of today’s agriculturalists. 

Other reasons to choose us for land loans in Pennsylvania or Maryland include:

  • Community builders: We are dedicated to investing our resources, time and talent into the communities we serve.
  • Best-in-class service: PeoplesBank has built a reputation around providing distinctive client experiences and exceptional service throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania. We are willing to work with you to meet your requests while being responsive to your needs.
  • Personable: PeoplesBank has the capabilities of a larger bank but still values close relationships with our clients. We’re in it for the long haul. 
  • Serve as financial mentors: PeoplesBank will help you develop the best solutions possible by honing in on your priorities, needs, goals and dreams. 

Learn About Farm Loan Options for Your Agricultural Business

Whether you’re looking for a used equipment loan or need a farm loan, PeoplesBank is here for you. At the core of our services are competitively priced agricultural land loans with various term options. 

Have questions? Reach out to John Eaton, our small business banking division lead, to learn more about our agricultural banking services. You can also fill out our contact form onlineopen an account or find a financial center near you today.