Farmers bring food to our tables, and at PeoplesBank, we believe these hard-working people deserve our support. In fact, since we opened our doors more than 150 years ago, we’ve been working hard to provide agricultural banking in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Decades ago, we were offering services with a handshake, and today we provide equipment and livestock loans across the region. A handshake with a smile is still part of the transaction.

While our focus on farmers has not changed, the industry has changed a lot. Today, farm businesses and agricultural businesses are modern and high-tech. Farm equipment loans are likely to be used for the latest pieces of engineering, and today’s businesses need to focus closely on food safety, yield, prices and value. We understand this, which could be why we’ve been named Agricultural Business of the Year by the York County Pennsylvania Agriculture Business Council.

Become a Peoples Person

“We switched to PeoplesBank 40 years ago and we haven’t looked back.” – John Thompson, Owner of Thompson Farms

Your Partner in Securing Farm Loans in MD and PA

Whether you’re looking for farm mortgage loans, a bank account, livestock loans or other services, PeoplesBank has a range of services designed just for you, no matter where you hang your hat.

  • Term Loans
  • Equipment Loans to finance equipment for up to seven years
  • Livestock Loans
  • Agricultural loans
  • Bank accounts, including checking and savings accounts
  • Mortgage Loans for farms, with terms of up to 20 years
  • Lines of Credit to handle seasonal costs, allowing you to pay costs gradually over time
  • Demand Loans for terms of one year or less
  • Custom Repayment Plans to help you get financing now and pay back when cash flow and operations allow

PeoplesBank is local, meaning we’re responsive to your needs and willing to work with you to meet your requests. When you work with our team, you’re working with a team who lives here and cares about the community, not someone in a city halfway across the country. We also charge reasonable fees, so you don’t overspend. We save you money where we can.