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Business banking should offer you all the convenience you need as a busy business owner and all the benefits you desire as someone who wants to see their company grow and thrive. PeoplesBank provides solutions that business people like you can appreciate. They anticipate your needs and deliver excellent returns. Our services also can assist you with collections, payroll, merchant services and more.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur just starting your first small business or you’re leading a company that’s been in business for generations, our business banking professionals are here to help you grow. From term loans and lines of credit to treasury management services, we have what it takes for your business to be successful.

Why Choose PeoplesBank for Business Banking?

For more than 150 years, businesses have trusted PeoplesBank not just with their money but also with their goal setting and achievements. We have become a part of your business solutions by offering things we know you can use. We anticipate the needs of businesses big and small, coming up with ways to assist you that you may not have even realized you needed. When you look at our products, you should identify several that could make your life easier. That’s our aim whenever we create new opportunities.

Business Checking Solutions

Business checking should deliver both the security features you need in a digital world and features that allow you to make payments quickly and efficiently. Our checking accounts do all this and more. We provide a personalized experience that includes intuitive features on our mobile and digital products, making them easy to use. You will save time by employing our products designed to give businesses a competitive edge, whether you’re making payments to vendors or tallying up your monthly balance sheet.

Business Savings Solutions

As a business owner, you know every penny counts, and you want to get the most out of your savings. We customize your savings options to provide you with the greatest return. We know every business has differing objectives. You may want an account that yields high short-term interest, while a competitor may prefer something with more emphasis on the long term. When you open a business savings account with us, you get added extras, too, such as no monthly maintenance charges on accounts.

We Make Treasury Management Easier

Treasury management can be a challenging part of any business. You must manage your cash flow efficiently to avoid unpleasant surprises. Our services include:

  • ACH Account Filter
  • FEDI (Financial Electronic Data Interchange)
  • Collection services

We Encourage Growth Through Merchant Services

Merchant Services allow you to accept credit card payments. Since so many people use plastic to pay for things, this is a critical ability for any business. If you don’t accept card payments, you could miss out on potential purchases. We even offer a way to protect you from receiving payments made with insufficient funds.

Loans for Your Business

We offer competitive commercial loan rates as well as attentive service and a range of products for all your needs. We have business loans to help you finance a big launch, marketing costs, inventory, real estate, staff, overhead, everyday business costs and more. Whether you’re trying to improve profits, expand your business, just getting started or reach other business goals, smart financing is important and PeoplesBank can help you find loan options addressing your business needs, no matter what your industry. Our commercial lending team has more than two centuries of combined experience, so we understand how to assist you.

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Client Testimonials

Chris Mfume of CLD Partners started his own real estate development firm at 27. With the help of PeoplesBank, he’s creating a new work/live hub for entrepreneurs.

“When you bring new ideas to the table, especially in real estate, it takes a bank that is willing to look at things creatively,” Chris says. “We wouldn’t be pursuing these types of projects without PeoplesBank.”

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